Index Vaults

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Rodeo Indexes allow users to passively invest in yield strategies at a variety of risk levels.

An Index Vault can include a mix of tokens, each representing its own yield strategy.

Those may include Rodeo farms (as is), Rodeo farms (leveraged), automated vaults, stable coins & interest-bearing assets (ribAssets), represented in one composable, fungible token, and allows users to passively earn yield using these index strategies.

This enables users to express almost any investing thesis with much less friction.

Index Vaults can be composed of multi-assets with differing levels of exposure and risk, enabling complex yield strategies

Example 1: A Rodeo LSD Index using a mix of the following would be an attractive option for Bill who is bullish on the LSD narrative.

— 4x leveraged unshETH

— 7x leveraged ACID

— 5x leveraged frxETH

— 2x leveraged wstETH / ETH balancer

Example 2: A Rodeo 3x Leveraged ETH Index using a mix of the following would be an attractive option for Sam who is long ETH.

— Enters with USDC

— Leveraged strategy maintains 2.7 to 3.3 leverage exposure rate to ETH with a combination of farms such as GLP, ETH/USDC, and collateral vs leverage assets

— Auto rebalancing

Any number of strategies can be created based on risk, asset exposure, leverage and investment thesis

Rodeo simplifies complex strategies into simple structured Vault Products earning yield from multiple sources

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