Platform Overview

High Level Overview of Rodeo Finance


Users seeking to generate passive income on Rodeo lend their assets into a lending pool, becoming the counterparty to farmers who are borrowing funds for leverage.

As a result, they receive interest on their deposit through an interest bearing token. This token is automatically burnt for the original USDC deposit, plus interest accumulated, upon withdrawing from the Lending Pool.

Farmers gain access to additional funds for earning while lenders passively collect high interest yield, enhancing capital efficiency within the ecosystem. This symbiotic relationship creates an ecosystem where both parties can earn high yields.

One of the benefits of lending pools is that they offer a low-risk way to generate high-yet safe passive yield, without the fear of liquidation


Through Rodeos leverage farming, users have the opportunity to amplify their yield by taking advantage of undercollateralized loans. By depositing their assets as collateral, users can increase their position by up to 10x the initial collateral amount.

  • Rodeo streamlines the process by automating the typically complicated steps required to deposit funds into a vault or strategy, such as swapping for underlying LP assets and automatically compounding rewards.

  • Rodeo utilizes a single asset collateral/borrow model, which eliminates directional risk when using different assets for collateral and borrow (such as using USDC as collateral and borrowing ETH), while simultaneously simplifying the process for users.

To get started with leverage farming, all a user needs to do is deposit their $USDC as collateral in the desired Farm, select their desired leverage level, and begin earning real yield

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