Rodeo Farms

Leverage Farms form the Basis of Rodeo's Core Product

Rodeo Finance is a decentralized finance platform that provides users with access to a variety of DeFi strategies, or "Farms," that enable them to earn yield with added leverage. The platform achieves this by utilizing undercollateralized leverage, which allows users to gain capital efficiency and maximize their yields.

Rodeo Finance is committed to providing a safe and user-friendly platform that enables users to access the full potential of DeFi yield strategies

All Rodeo Farms (also known as vaults) enable users to earn yield with leverage in the native protocol vaults. Rodeo simplifies the user experience by converting user USDC collateral and leveraged assets into the underlying vault assets automatically, removing the need to swap or hold specific LP tokens for each DeFi protocol strategy. All vault rewards are auto-compounded by Rodeo to further increase the user yields

Example of the Power of Rodeo

Utilizing Rodeo Leverage in the GLP Farm

  • Wild Bill starts with 1000 USDC

  • He deposits 1000 as collateral in the Rodeo GLP Farm

  • Wild Bill would then select amount of leverage, lets use 6x for this example

  • Wild Bill's position would then be 6000 USDC (1000 collateral + 5000 leverage)

Rodeo automatically converts USDC into the underlying asset, GLP in this case, and mints GLP. Rodeo auto-compounds the rewards automatically

Wild Bill would be earning yield based on 6000 USDC while only originally having 1000 USDC in assets

Farm Structures

Rodeo supports ERC-4626 tokenized vaults as well as other custom vault structures built on Arbitrum, allowing for quick and safe integration of new DeFi strategies based on performance, partnerships, usage, and market sentiment.

Any sufficiently liquid and yield bearing vault can be integrated.

For a full integration list, check out the Rodeo Corral

Wild West: To allow Rodeo to quickly respond to emerging narratives and yield opportunities, farms which are currently without 3rd party audit are denoted with Wild West for distinction. The same security and safety standards are applied to all Farms, this allows users with higher risk thresholds to utilize the yield farms while 3rd party audits are scheduled or ongoing.

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