Rodeo Booster (rbLP)

Stackable Emission Incentives!

The Rodeo Booster (rbLP) mechanic enables users to boost their base incentive rewards by providing additional liquidity value to the Rodeo ecosystem through:

  • Locking ribAssets - upto 100% reward boost adder

  • Staking RDO/ETH LP - 100% reward boost adder

In exchange for providing liquidity to Rodeo lending pools (currently USDC.e), users earn a base level of RDO incentives (claimable as xRDO or oRDO)

The APR boost to base incentives through rbLP is stackable up to 300% of Base Emissions

Base Incentives

To earn the Base level of reward incentives, users can stake their ribUSDC into the staking contract, without a lock period

Users can chose either or both of the boost mechanics below to increase their share of incentive rewards

Lock Boost

Users can further increase their rewards by up to 100% by locking their ribUSDC for up to 1 year.

Lock Boost APR% = (days staked / 365)

There is a penalty for exiting the locked position early applied to your ribAsset

% Early Exit Fee = (daysLeftBeforeUnlock / 365) * 0.75


Users who are providing liquidity to the RDO/ETH pool on Camelot can stake the resulting LP into the rbLP to boost incentive rewards an additional 100%. In order to get the 100% boost, a LP value of 5% minimum must be maintained proportional to the staked ribUSDC value.

Example: A user has $10,000 USDC value of ribUSDC staked and they want the 100% LP boost

  • a user would zap or deposit RDO/ETH LP position worth a minimum $500 USDC to get and maintain the boost

  • if the LP position value falls below 5% proportional to ribUSDC value, than the boost is lost

  • the LP position can be added to at anytime

  • the LP position is locked for an initial 1 month period after which it can be removed at anytime

Note: at this time only the RDO/ETH LP can be staked, spNFTs are not able to enter the staking contract at this time

The Rodeo Booster (rbLP) mechanic allows Rodeo to incentivize and reward users who are providing valuable liquidity to the Rodeo ecosystem

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