Dividend Silo

Users who want to share in the protocol profits can allocate xRDO to the Dividend Silo.

Dividends earned are directly proportional to amount of xRDO staked

Dividends come in the form of:

  1. Performance Fees on Yield Farming - 50% of the 10% profit from Yield Farming

  2. Liquidations - 50% of the 2.5% liquidation fees Rodeo collects

  3. xRDO early exit fees - See xRDO conversion details, penalty fees are split between Dividend stakers.

(For the first 3 months: 75% of early exit fees are shared with Seed round participants, 25% with dividend silo. After 3 months: 50% of early exit fees are shared with dividend silo, 50% are burned and removed from circulation or sent to Rodeo treasury for reallocation)

  1. Productive Treasury Assets - Rodeo will utilize active treasury management with a portion of the funds being directed to yield bearing assets such as GLP, LSTs, Rodeo lending pools, etc. 50% of the earned rewards will be shared with the dividend silo

Future Revenue Sources planned are:

  • Rocket Vaults

  • Index Vaults

  • Dynamic Liquidity Pool

  • LSDfi Vault and Market

  • Productive Asset Bonding

Rewards will be claimable as USDC.e for any performance based fees and native RDO and/or xRDO for any penalty mechanics based on RDO


Dividends are distributed continuously, users can claim rewards as they are distributed


Deallocating xRDO can be done any time

The deallocation fee is current 1%

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